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Please inquire directly to Bella Bueno

Textured circle, outside diameter approx 35mm, 1400kr 

Multicircle pendant, approx. 55mm long, 1600kr

Circle with beads earrings, approx. 25mm outer diameter, 1500kr

Double circle pendant, also as oxidized, 3cm diameter, 2000kr

Multicircle earrings, approx. 5cm long, 2300kr

Circle necklace, approximately 7x7cm and 43cm length, 3500kr

Thin beaded band, approx. 4mm wide, 970kr

3 Ingot link necklace. Oxidized or silver, each link approx. 3cm, 2500kr

Beaded ingot necklace and earrings. Oxidized or silver, links 3cm, necklace 1100kr, earrings 1400kr

Beaded rope earrings, outer diameter 2cm, 950kr

Beaded flow pendant oxidized or silver, 900kr

Beaded rope pendant, outer diameter 2cm, 750kr

Crescent swirl earrings, 3cm wide, 2200kr

Crescent circle earrings, 25mm wide,1600kr

Wide band with diagonal beads, approx.12mm wide, 2150kr

Frame pendant with beads, approx. 25mm wide, 1800kr